A Model of Commercial Open Source Software Product Features

Some while ago I turned my bachelor thesis into a conference paper named “A Model of Commercial Open Source Software Product Features”. Initially, I had hoped to boost the significance of my theoretical findings by conducting a survey. However, we had to exclude it from the final paper due to an underwhelming  number of valid responses.

Reference: Weikert, Florian; Riehle, Dirk (2013). A Model of Commercial Open Source Software Product Features. In Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Software Business (ICSOB 2013). Springer Verlag, 2013.

Abstract: Commercial open source software has become an important part of the packaged software product industry. This paper provides a model of individual product features, rather than full-fledged business models, and their perceived value to customers. The model is the result of a three-iteration study, including interview analysis, literature review and the implementation of an empirical survey. Companies can use the feature model to determine their products and business model.

Links: Bachelor thesis (.pdf) | Paper (.pdf) | SpringerLink

Welcome to my blog!

I finally decided to become blogger no. 325 318 246, thus contributing to the great cause of polluting the web with (even more) tiresome stories and irrelevant details from the life of someone you have never met in person.

This blog will (probably) feature posts about computer science, IT, software development, product management and maybe some personal stories. Stay tuned!